About Us

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production line  AQL Technology Limited is a fast growing company  whose primary focus is to deliver the latest technology in  lighting to our customers. Beside of the super products, we  also provide them with perfect solution and creative idea  according to their requirements and expectation on the  lighting environment.

 Our products are suitable for all areas including outdoor  and indoor lighting/decorating, commercial  lighting/decorating, residential lighting. Our work and  service start from Western Europe to Saudi Arabia, and  expanding to all over the world.


AQL is engaged in all kinds of newly coming lighting products. At mean time, we are also providing power supply, controllers, connectors etc. which are essential in lighting system. This is creating a convenient one-stop shopping center for our customers.

We are devoted to providing the best products and service at the lowest cost. The tenet of our business is to achieve a mutual benefit together with our customers. So trust us, you can be sure of a win-win prospect.

You have individual demands for your project. We have the most suitable solution. Whether it's a combination of energy-production lineefficiency, longlife, free of toxic substances and low maintenance or all of those combined. Thanks to our comprehensive support you will not only reduce the energy requirements of your installation, but also your own work-load. We are at your side and work in close cooperation with you in all phases of the implementation of sustainable, efficient state-of-the-art projects, and support you in your decisions.

At the same time, we are also fully aware of our responsibility as a globally active concern, which is why a conscientious approach to people, materials and goods is deeply rooted in our corporate culture. Ecolution is synonymous with our complete strategy of sustainability; a strategy, moreover, that permeates all sectors of our company like a 'green thread'. With us you will find a partner that observes and implements its corporate responsibility to society and the environment.

production lineThe right partners make all the difference. Adherence to all applicable national and international legislation and directive, in addition to all existing internal regulations is a matter of course. We have also fixed our corporate values in an internal code of conduct. Contractually we demand adherence to the same stringent constraints from our suppliers as well. We maintain a management system for the implementation of these corporate policies that also integrates our business partners